Monday, October 27, 2008

"You're such a teacher dork!"

You don't know how many times I have ALREADY heard this. Or any version of this of course...dork, geek, nerd...whatever suits your fancy. This is the shirt that I just had to have to wear to the school today. Since I go on Monday's this was going to be my only opportunity to do something Halloween-ie. I asked Ben when purchasing it, "Is this teachery?" He gives me that looks that he always gives me when I say something or do something dorky and says, "Yeah, babe, that's pretty teachery." I find myself keeping an extra eye out for teacher clothes. Who would have ever thought that my Christmas list would consist of teacher clothes and children's books instead of new cell phones and scrapbooking supplies? I certainly didn't! Oh yeah, and I bought a Big AL pin. Yes, like the kinda of pin you pin to a sweater or blouse. At this rate, I am well on my way to Keds with folded over socks, hair bows, and a closet full of themed sweaters! I can't wait! Here are a few more books to check out!

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Jess Addison said...

How about I have that SAME EXACT shirt and I bought it to wear to Beaverbrook's Trunk or Treat! No Lie!!

From one teacher dork to another, I love it!!