Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well check me out!

Here I am at Holt Elementary! It's a crazy semester...no time to chat. Just thought I would share what I could!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back in the swing of things

Where have I been?
I couldn't even begin to tell you the amount of troubles I have had with my computer. My desktop was acting up, I took it to the Geek Squad. 4 trips to Hoover later, I pay over $200 to pick up my BROKEN computer. I drive all the way home to Orange Beach to get my old laptop and still have to take it to the Geek Squad. 2 trips to Hoover later, I get to bring it home. So far, so good, and now I just have to get back into the swing of things.
Since I have updated you, a new semester has begun! We received our placements this past Friday and I got 2nd grade at Holt Elementary School. I am so excited! Last time I had fourth grade, so second should be a good change of pace. I can't wait to meet my cooperating teacher, and soak in all the learning.
My classes have been going well. I have a feeling things are about to get crazy busy. Monday I go to the elementary school all day and then I have class at 4. Tuesday I go to the elementary school all day as well. Wednesday and Thursday I have all night classes because my professors are also elementary school teachers. Friday morning I have class then I'm free for the rest of the day. The crazy schedule doesn't leave much time for me to work, but I try to get any hours that I can.
As far as my social life, my birthday was Monday! I turned 24 years old which makes me the oldest in all my classes except maybe one or two people. Things are going good with new guy. In fact, things are great. Tucker's hair is as long as I've ever let it grow and I'm liking it! I will try my best to be more disciplined in keeping this things updated for blogland. I think it's good practice for when I will create my future teacher blog!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Books!!

I got my first scholastic book order and I was SUPER excited! I love children's books! These are the ones I added to the collection.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I feel old already

So I have avery funny story that paints a perfect picture of the times that we are living in. For one of my classes we had to do these 4th grade assessments. (much like the kindergarten assessments I've written about before) Part of the assessment was to have the student read a short story and I was asking questions to judge their comprehension on what they read. Before the student even reads the story, there are some concept questions to answer that they can conclude just from the title. The story was called Margaret Mead.My question was, "How do we find out about famous people? Like, what do we do to learn about their life and how they became famous and their accomplishments?" After my student thought about it for a second looking up at the ceiling, she responds, "Umm, you can Google it?" It took all I had not to giggle at that answer.

GOOGLE IT. Not, "Look it up in a dictionary" or "go to the library" or "read about it" but, "Google it". It truly shows the times is which we live.

I did my video lesson today that I was talking about before. I think it went very well considering it was the first real time I was in charge in front of the classroom. I did make sure to tell my students that this lesson was going to video taped so they should be on their best behavior so I can make a good grade. It worked. Also, I got my first teacher gift today!
Isn't it cute? It's a little stuffed turkey in a cute tin bucket with smell good spray and a cute kitchen towel. One of the sweetest girls in my 4th grade class gave it to me. What a way to brighten up someone's day! Here are a few more books that I have and recommend to anyone who just loves children's books:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Which grade?

This is me. This is me as Jackson sees me. I hate to use his real name, being the internet and all, but he wrote his names on it, so its sort of hard to hide. But for privacy's sake, you have no idea what school or country or teacher this "Jackson"person comes from, so I think we're okay. For one of my classes we had to do kindergarten assessments. We had to do a series of test/activities to see where that students was at academically to decide how to further instruct them. If you are in education, you know, that this is something you hear about a lot. Assessment. Classroom Management. Assessment. Classroom Management. It's constantly beat into your brain! So Jackson was my student for this learning experience and he was the cutest kid ever. Imagine seeing this group of kindergartners knowing that one of them was going to be assigned to you and you spot one that you instantly fall in love with and know that you want to work with that kid. That's how it was for me and Jackson. He was one of the smaller kids in the group, with super curly hair (like my brother's when he was that age) and he was wearing a cute little polo with the collar half up and half down while only part of his shirt was tucked into his little khaki shorts. Got a good mental picture? Lucky me, and he was my partner. Not to mention, this kid was really smart. He knew all his stuff, which made his report very easy to write.
So it got me thinking--I really like kindergarten. They are so young an innocent and ready to learn. You can do fun crafty things with them and nothing is ever too corny. Some people are turned off from kindergarten because they feel the students are a little too needy for their liking. I like needy. (I think) So maybe I want to teach kindergarten. It's all up in the air now, and I may change my mind a thousand times, but who knows. My next big hurdle is for my music class. We have to create an integrated lesson to teach and video tape ourselves and turn it in. How nerve racking! Oh yeah--integrated means--a lesson where you are teaching two different subjects. Or you have two different objectives, therefore they will be assessed on two different things. Like, having an instrument and having them hypothesize if they think it will sound high or low. Then when they hear the instrument, they sing a song. So you are using their SCIENCE skills to go through the steps of the scientific method and then their MUSIC skills to sing the song correctly. Make sense? Anyway, that's what I have ot do and I'm pretty nervous about it. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Encouraging Emails

How awesome is my Aunt Debbie? I am constantly reminded of why I feel like I am taking the right career path. Here is an email she sent me a couple weeks back that I just like to read.Love you Aunt D!

"Thank you. I will try to do this tomorrow. Do you know how proud I am of you? I feel connected to you in such a special way. Finally, I will have someone in the family who shares my passion for teaching!
love you lots.
Auntie Debbie"

"You're such a teacher dork!"

You don't know how many times I have ALREADY heard this. Or any version of this of course...dork, geek, nerd...whatever suits your fancy. This is the shirt that I just had to have to wear to the school today. Since I go on Monday's this was going to be my only opportunity to do something Halloween-ie. I asked Ben when purchasing it, "Is this teachery?" He gives me that looks that he always gives me when I say something or do something dorky and says, "Yeah, babe, that's pretty teachery." I find myself keeping an extra eye out for teacher clothes. Who would have ever thought that my Christmas list would consist of teacher clothes and children's books instead of new cell phones and scrapbooking supplies? I certainly didn't! Oh yeah, and I bought a Big AL pin. Yes, like the kinda of pin you pin to a sweater or blouse. At this rate, I am well on my way to Keds with folded over socks, hair bows, and a closet full of themed sweaters! I can't wait! Here are a few more books to check out!