Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I feel old already

So I have avery funny story that paints a perfect picture of the times that we are living in. For one of my classes we had to do these 4th grade assessments. (much like the kindergarten assessments I've written about before) Part of the assessment was to have the student read a short story and I was asking questions to judge their comprehension on what they read. Before the student even reads the story, there are some concept questions to answer that they can conclude just from the title. The story was called Margaret Mead.My question was, "How do we find out about famous people? Like, what do we do to learn about their life and how they became famous and their accomplishments?" After my student thought about it for a second looking up at the ceiling, she responds, "Umm, you can Google it?" It took all I had not to giggle at that answer.

GOOGLE IT. Not, "Look it up in a dictionary" or "go to the library" or "read about it" but, "Google it". It truly shows the times is which we live.

I did my video lesson today that I was talking about before. I think it went very well considering it was the first real time I was in charge in front of the classroom. I did make sure to tell my students that this lesson was going to video taped so they should be on their best behavior so I can make a good grade. It worked. Also, I got my first teacher gift today!
Isn't it cute? It's a little stuffed turkey in a cute tin bucket with smell good spray and a cute kitchen towel. One of the sweetest girls in my 4th grade class gave it to me. What a way to brighten up someone's day! Here are a few more books that I have and recommend to anyone who just loves children's books:

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