Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back in the swing of things

Where have I been?
I couldn't even begin to tell you the amount of troubles I have had with my computer. My desktop was acting up, I took it to the Geek Squad. 4 trips to Hoover later, I pay over $200 to pick up my BROKEN computer. I drive all the way home to Orange Beach to get my old laptop and still have to take it to the Geek Squad. 2 trips to Hoover later, I get to bring it home. So far, so good, and now I just have to get back into the swing of things.
Since I have updated you, a new semester has begun! We received our placements this past Friday and I got 2nd grade at Holt Elementary School. I am so excited! Last time I had fourth grade, so second should be a good change of pace. I can't wait to meet my cooperating teacher, and soak in all the learning.
My classes have been going well. I have a feeling things are about to get crazy busy. Monday I go to the elementary school all day and then I have class at 4. Tuesday I go to the elementary school all day as well. Wednesday and Thursday I have all night classes because my professors are also elementary school teachers. Friday morning I have class then I'm free for the rest of the day. The crazy schedule doesn't leave much time for me to work, but I try to get any hours that I can.
As far as my social life, my birthday was Monday! I turned 24 years old which makes me the oldest in all my classes except maybe one or two people. Things are going good with new guy. In fact, things are great. Tucker's hair is as long as I've ever let it grow and I'm liking it! I will try my best to be more disciplined in keeping this things updated for blogland. I think it's good practice for when I will create my future teacher blog!

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