Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What a Weekend!

Wow, talk about beautiful weather. One day I am walking to class freezing my buns off with a coat and scarf and tissues in my hand...and next thing you know I'm in flip flops and a tank top going to the lake! Ben and I decided to take the dogs to Lake Lurleen State Park on Saturday for a little outdoor fun. He had been sick ALL week with a stomach virus(8 hours at the emergency room and 4 bags of IV fluid later) and not only were we severely sleep deprived, but the dogs had a lot of balled up energy as well. Since he was feeling better we needed to get some fresh air! The park was great. They have a huuuge parking lot with seveal boats ramps (unfortunalty, we have no boat), hiking trails, picnic areas, and a beach area. We got there and Tucker and Brownie were on their leashes, but it was almost like they knew where we were going. As soon as I let them out they took off towards the edge of the water to take a sip. I guess taking a sip wasn't good enough because they both jumped right in. Brownie got his whole body wet, but was a little apprehensive about swimming around too much. Tucker was like my little swimming champion! We used to take him to Jackson Lake when we still lived in Ga, and he would get wet, but wouldn' But now it was like he was made for the water! he fetched sticks and everything! I was such a proud Mama.

It's amazing how much the weather can control, or contribute to your mood. Everyone was just in an all around good mood all weekend. We were riding down the road with the music playing and the windows rolled down (I can do that now that I have been taking my allergy shots!) just living in the moment. There were people actually laying out at the pool! After our busy day outside we came back to the apartment to relax and soak it all in. (and keep in mind that all the windows in the APT are open to create the perfect temperature inside).

Sunday we didn't go on any spontaneous adventures but we did play outside here at the apartment. Brownie is so quick and loves to play fetch so much that we ran to Wal-Mart to get him a frisbee. We thought he may be good at this considering his swiftness and agility...but...not so much. We'll have to practice some. But regardless, we had an awesome weekend. I can't wait for summer!


Jess Addison said...

I'm with you!! It was such a little weather tease here in GA, too!! Hopefully we'll be at the pool before you know it! See you soon!!!

Heather & Adam said...

The weather makes me happy too! It got cold again here, which sucks, but it won't last long. Wish we could roll down the windows and blare some music together! Miss you!