Sunday, February 10, 2008

Warm Weather makes me happy

Unfortunatly, the monkey was sick this weekend and couldn't do anything. We were sad not to get to see him, but things will get better soon. The weather couldn't have been better this weekend! I have been so tired of the cold and wind and rain and finally I got sunshine! Ben and I were outside almost all day long saturday just doing whatever we could to soak up the sun. The dogs had a great time playing with us!

We also got to play spades Friday night with our good friends Amanda and Josh. Needless to say, the girls DOMINATED. Everything is such a competition between the boys that sometimes it's just best me and Amanda stay out of it. We were about to run out of time at the bolwing alley and they even had a competition of who throw the bowling ball down the lane the FASTEST with nothing to do with accuracy. They looked so goofy! Saturday night we ended up doing a couple rounds of phase 10 at Ben's house. Ben won both times...and that's never good. :) Later that night we went laser bowling until we closed the place down. It was nice to have a fun weekend without drinking and just relaxing with good company. (and it felt good to wake up without a hangover! haha)

I accidentally got the dates mixed up on the adoption event for Brownie. So he missed the "speed dating" thing. It really sucks because he could have used that exposure to the public. I felt terrible about it. He is such a sweet dog and really deserves to be in a good home. Here are a few more pictures of me and the dogs!


Heather & Adam said...

Great pics!
We want a friend for Reese! Brownie is adorable and looks so friendly. Hmmmm....hehe...
You are awesome for doing the foster thing!
Thanks for the name advice. Maybe Mallory will prove those old name makers wrong.
Love and miss you!!!

Catherine and Dustin said...


I just found your blog! I am looking forward to reading your updates!